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Handmade tatting lace jewellery and decorations.

Tatting lace is an old lace making craft created from hundreds of tiny knots formed into loops and bows with shuttles or a needle. As the lace cannot unravel and needs very little equipment, it was a favourite passtime for travellers on long horse and coach journeys. Unfortunately, as with many handcrafts, eventually its popularity dwindled as lifestyles quickened and factory lace became widespread. Recently though, tatting lace has experienced a renaissance through jewellery making. By integrating beads, called beanile tatting and layering lace, called Ankars tatting, a sturdy yet elegant lace can be created that lends itself beautifully to jewellery.

I first learnt how to tat when I was 14 years old as my mum thought it would keep me occupied. However, I was very busy exploring all the world had to offer and forgot about tatting a couple of years later. Since then I've moved countries, achieved a German master status in violin making, a BA in Early Years education and a hubby and two children. Never a dull moment! A few years ago I discovered my old tatting shuttles and have become obsessed with mastering this beautiful handcraft. Just as in times gone by I take my shuttles with me everywhere, airports, beaches even on motorbike tours, after I've stopped riding of course.

I love the craftsmanship of times gone by and enjoy developing jewellery designs that engages the handcraft of tatted lace with different influences and era's. From african to gothic, edwardian to avant-garde, bohemian to romantic. As tatting lace can only be created by hand every piece is unique and I rarely repeat a design making it as original for me as it is for you. I hope you enjoy the results.

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